04 June 2010

So Ready To Be Finished

Progress crept along today. We didn't get the electrical re-inspection scheduled, so that's pushed to Monday (at least), with the other inspections not able to be scheduled until after that one is passed. Our range still isn't installed, and our refrigerator didn't arrive today -- presumably because the supplier is waiting on our replacement dishwasher to come in so they can deliver both at the same time.

It's probably easier to list -- or show -- what did happen today.

1. More door hardware (but still not all of it) went in today. The multipoint levers on the French doors out to the back porch were installed, and they look great.

We ended up having big problems with our original hardware supplier, who also handled (or mishandled) our plumbing order, so we made a last-minute switch to a different door supplier. I'm so glad we did. Our new guy, Tim, saw that we had selected a totally different style for these handles because the catalog didn't show the Arts and Crafts levers in a multipoint lever, but he knew that the supplier could swap out the levers and give us what we wanted. A quick phone call later, it was done.

2. There was more progress on the screens of the screened porch. Except when the sun catches them (as you can see in the picture above), they're almost invisible:

3. The bath hardware installation started today. In the guest bath (admittedly a really tight space -- no room for good camera angles), the curved shower curtain rod went up, as well as the hotel-style bath rack that will be great for storing extra towels. (There will also be a wall-mounted medicine cabinet on the wall above the sink, which we hope to install this weekend.)

While we're on the subject, I have to show you how amazingly well it coordinates with the fan in the guest bedroom:

The last thing that happened today was that we met with R about that big, ugly money issue. While I'm not going to get into the specifics, I will share two lessons that I hope he has learned from this and a series of similar issues: (1) it's always -- always -- better to be sure your client is on board with any work that is going to increase costs, and (2) if your contract says changes will be agreed to in writing, writing it up doesn't just make the lawyers happy; it also ensures that everyone really is on the same page before the money is spent.


  1. just lovely. where did you get your lever handles for the back porch? I need something like that for our bathroom door, which is largely frosted glass. thanks!

  2. The door hardware is Emtek Arts and Crafts. (We got it at a local building materials place, but Emtek is available online as well.) Hope that helps!