09 June 2010

Our Range Sucks

Our fancy-pants Jenn-Air downdraft range was finally installed today.

Steve insisted on a downdraft model because we wouldn't need to install a vent hood above it. He wanted the kitchen to be totally open to the living and dining areas, without any visual obstructions, so a bulky vent hood just wasn't going to work...but that clear view comes at a cost -- the range cost almost as much all of our other kitchen appliances put together. This range sucks air down through the unit into a big tube that goes through our slab and exhausts out the side of the screened porch. I'd show you a picture of how wonderfully open the bar area is, but without our fabulous pendant lights (which won't come in until after we move in), it's just not the same. But pictures will come in due time.

I also learned that something I wrote earlier this week was wrong. I had said that we needed the correct dishwasher to get our certificate of occupancy (since the dishwasher ties into the kitchen sink plumbing, and without a dishwasher, the sink isn't usable). Apparently Whirlpool is having some kind of supply problem, so R went ahead and installed the KitchenAid, and Whirlpool will take care of swapping it out whenever it arrives. (We're still waiting on our refrigerator, which was supposed to have arrived by Monday. No word on when that will come in. I sure hope it's not caught up in Whirlpool's delays, 'cause we don't have a spare!)

Otherwise, it's been a slow few days. The gas line to the house went in Monday, and other miscellaneous odds and ends have been getting taken care of, but there's not a whole lot else to report.

We've done a lot of chores, though, including more cleaning. (Have I mentioned how handy it is to have a Roomba to vacuum while we clean other areas? It comes over with us every night and puts in at least an hour of vacuuming.)

We also mounted this mirror in the powder room:

We didn't find any decorative mirrors for this space that we thought were worth the price, so we ordered a custom mirror with beveled edges from a local glass shop, and then we took it to Hobby Lobby to frame with a simple but shiny frame that coordinates really well with both the slightly purplish oil-rubbed bronze light and towel ring, etc., and the copper slate on the floor.

I also started decor shopping. Target had a shower curtain that I loved for the back bath, and with guests arriving just days after we move in, putting up a curtain is a big priority. I picked it up but wasn't able to get out of the bed & bath department with just that one find. I also bought a shower curtain and a set of curtain rings that might be good for the mudroom, and a bunch of other fun things caught my eye and just might end up in the kitchen and bathrooms as we get settled.

[Green living note: I try really hard to reduce, reuse, and recycle, to the point that I don't think I have much room for improvement anymore, but I only just recently realized how wasteful those plastic shower curtain liners are. I guess I didn't realize that cloth liners existed, and since they can be washed and used pretty much forever, that's a change we're going to make when we move.]

There is one more big development that I'm dying to show you, but it's still in progress, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow, dear reader.

I'll close with an update on the dashingest bunny in town, Mr. Dash. His ear culture revealed two bacterial infections, neither of which seemed too serious, but his bloodwork found that he didn't have the much more serious infection, so we're proceeding on the theory that he has a bad case of pseudomonas. Consequently, we're going to discontinue two of his medicines that he doesn't need, which should make him a little happier (he just says "no" to drugs every chance he gets). He's in rough shape but handling it like a trooper. We just wish there was more we could do for him.

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  1. ok, so now we need a write up on this roomba machine...where did you get it? (costco?!) how much? does it REALLY work? pictures? cook some burgers on your new cook top and let us all know how the vent system works - will it work or not? we all must wait for your official test! i like mine medium well with cheese please.