09 June 2010

Notice Anything Different?

Did you spot it?  Our address numbers are on the house!  We ordered this thick, handmade tile from Ravenstone Tiles, which seems to be a two-person operation in a town between Seattle and Vancouver.  (Laura from Ravenstone was wonderful to work with, even sending us color samples so we could choose just the right color.)  And now for a close-up:

In case you're wondering, the tile is cream with pine green numbers and hunter green bars on the ends...and in case you're wondering, I think the reason the numbers aren't centered from top to bottom is that the usual tile height is 6", but the piece of trim on which it is mounted is 5.5", so I asked them to make it a little smaller.  Why they didn't cut a quarter-inch off of the top and the bottom is beyond me, but it's pretty nonetheless.  (And hopefully you would never have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out.)

As with everything else, we explored ALL of our options before settling on the idea of an address number tile, and then we explored ALL of the color, shape, and placement options (including putting it above the entry gable or on one of the columns).  I think we got it just right.

And as excited as I am about this, it isn't even the exciting thing I hinted at in today's earlier post!  That one is big.  You'll see.

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