27 June 2010

Moving, Moving, Moved

We're about 95% finished bringing everything from the temporary house to the new house, and about 20% finished putting things where they belong in the new house. It's exhausting. I swore I'd never move the last week of June again, since that's when we've moved each time before, and it's really, really hot, but there we found ourselves again.... Although my mom's visit was supposed to be a relaxing time after (six weeks after!) we moved in, she and her husband have been an absolute godsend this weekend, as they have cleaned and packed and carried and unpacked.

More later. I'm stinky and hungry and the house is a mess, and I can't seem to make myself get in the shower or sit down to eat because there are so many boxes begging to be unpacked (or at least relocated).

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  1. Hey - So happy to see that you're in! Send me your new address via email asap :) Urs