23 June 2010

I Want My Life Back

We have a really wonderful, low-stress life...and we want it back.

There are things I've been waiting to do for MONTHS -- buy new socks, get a facial at Milk + Honey Spa, etc. -- but in an effort to put every penny we could into the house or because we're just going to have to pack it up and move or whatever, I've been holding off.


Instead, I'm still wearing my old socks, which inevitably get dirty by the end of an evening walking around the temporary house (there is no entry area, so even though we don't wear shoes inside, anything that comes in on our shoes ends up getting tracked throughout the house).

The master bathroom is looking like...well, like April, when the original radiant floor mat was going in. Tomorrow it should be mortared in place, and hopefully the tile work will begin. We're also scheduled to close on our permanent loan on Friday. In a fit of optimism, we rented a U-Haul for Saturday.

Stress makes me really unpleasant. I get impatient (I mean, even more impatient), and I become uninhibited about sharing my feelings when I feel like I'm not being treated properly. So between things going on at the house and delays and excuses regarding our loan, I've sent a lot of sternly worded e-mails (and one voice mail that wasn't my finest moment) in the last couple of weeks. Between Monday and Tuesday I believe I sent five to the mortgage company, and while each one (and each response...or lack of response) only increased my aggravation, the result was that closing was moved up a day (from next Monday) AND we scored a 1/4-point break on our interest rate.

I know I'll never get to say this again in my lifetime: We're locked in at 4.375%! (For the not-so-mathematically-inclined, that's four and three eights!)

But the point of this post is that I want my life back. I really, really do. I miss lazy days with Steve and the bunnies.

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