10 June 2010

I Have Good News and Bad News

People always want the bad news first, but this news is just too awful. It would completely overshadow the good news. So on to the good news: our front door unit went in! With our fancy Arts and Crafts lockset!

And from the outside (where we chose oil-rubbed bronze for the hardware):

The door has been stained, and we mostly love the color, although some of the wood took the stain quite differently, and we're not thrilled with the dark parts. The painter is going to try to lighten those areas, but there are no guarantees.

...and as I type this and look back at the pictures, I see that the two square transom pieces were put in the wrong way (they should be rotated 90 degrees). We'll get that fixed. But let's take one more peek at the fabulousness of this entry:

Can you believe I get to live there?! How'd I get so lucky?! (Seriously. This is a conversation I have with myself frequently. The blessings in my life are unbelievable, and I'm certain I don't deserve all of it. If I may steal a line from Brett Dennen, in a world of suffering, why should I be so blessed?)

And on that note, to the bad news....

We may not actually get to live there until July or even August. It's been clear since we got our permit that we were being required to upgrade our water meter to a larger size, but Steve and I assumed R was already working on it (to be charged to us later, of course). We didn't learn until today -- as the inspector came for his "final" inspection -- that R hadn't even started the ball rolling on the water meter (and since this has to be coordinated with the city, the timeline is out of our hands). But that's not the bad news. After a few phone calls, I had learned that the line from the water main to our water meter isn't big enough to accommodate a larger meter, so it needs to be upgraded too -- at a cost of roughly $5,000-$10,000. That's definitely bad news, but it's still not the bad news. The bad news is that getting the design, approval, and installation work done takes 4-6 weeks. There's no point placing blame for not getting on it sooner, but we're beyond irate that this issue just came to light today.

We're looking into whether we can get a temporary certificate of occupancy (which, at $750, is less than our rent, so at least we'd be in the house and not paying rent and a mortgage while we get mugged by our elected officials). We're also exploring all other avenues we can think of -- calling in favors with friends of friends who might be able to help in any way, etc. I even stooped so low as to contact every member of the Austin City Council. (I have seen people employ this kind of tactic at my job, and as pathetic as it is, and as crazy as some of those folks are, I've actually seen it work. The squeaky wheel really does get the oil, I have learned.)

We'll keep you posted. Needless to say, we're bummed.

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