02 June 2010

Goodbye, Friends

We've had a shocking number of friends leave Austin recently. (We're not on Facebook, but we're pretty sure there's a "Leave Devon and Steve" club or group or page or whatever the kids are calling it.)

The most recent casualty was these guys:

Ursula and Schaefer (and husband/father Phil) left today to move to England to be closer to Phil's parents. It was so, so sad to see them go. Here's Schaefer, actually in the process of gettin' the heck out of Dodge:

I love that he's wearing his Crocs. Truly cosmopolitan footwear for an international traveler. (His dad thinks they're an abomination. At least when Steve and I wear them. Which is all the time.)

Come back real soon now, you hear?

[They began feverishly planning this move last summer, not long after we started working on the house. Consequently, we've all been too busy to spend as much time together as we would have liked in their last year in the New World. There has also been an interesting contrast between them shedding the vast majority of their worldly possessions in preparation for their move versus us amassing things like crazy. I can see how getting rid of everything could be liberating in a certain way, but it's also been really wonderful to bring things together to create a warm, inviting environment where we will share so many happy times. Sometimes it feels like we're the curators of a museum of modern Craftsman living.]

As soon as I finished saying goodbye to my British buds, I received word that our final electrical inspection, which R called in yesterday, wasn't scheduled for today because the system showed that we still needed a sidewalk. Argh. I had e-mailed last week after paying the sidewalk fee to confirm that there was nothing else I needed to do to ensure that the sidewalk would not hold up our inspections. Anyway, I immediately started making phone calls and sending e-mails to everyone at the city who might be able to help, and by lunchtime the issue was cleared up. (Or so they say. We'll see in the morning when the inspection is or isn't scheduled.) This was the biggest accomplishment of the day. Not much happened at the house. Just some clean-up (the front yard is looking a lot better), as well as drywall touch-up inside. I have high hopes for tomorrow.


  1. do you wear white socks with crocks too? we sure hope not - that is really nerdy.

  2. News flash -- we're really nerdy.

  3. We're really missing you too! Sorry our countdowns didn't work out perfectly so you could at least be in your house enjoying it while we're here in England. And the amassing of stuff has already started here. We got a bed for us and one for Schaefer. You can see his online at Argos - if you search for pine mid sleeper and look at the one with the tent.