08 June 2010


R told me today -- with great conviction -- that he will be finished by a week from Friday. (I got a little giddy at Costco today when I saw that the milk expires a day after our expected completion date.) We're definitely excited to know that we can start making plans to move -- and that we'll be out of our rental house by the end of June, that we'll be in the new house in time for a family visit the following weekend, that we get to stop living like wolves,.... R thinks we can get our final inspections by the end of this week, but I'm not so sure. We did pass the electrical inspection this morning, but we can't get the final plumbing inspection until the (correct) dishwasher goes in, so we're at the mercy of the folks who sent the wrong one the first time around. I do think the 18th sounds doable for everything, though. Tomorrow I suppose I'll set the gears in motion to take vacation from the 18th through the following week. (Why is it that the only time I get to pretend to be a housewife is when we're moving? In the heat of the summer, no less?!)

We also have a lot of other things to do. Getting our certificate of occupancy signals the end of the road on the construction side of things, but we also have to take care of everything looking forward -- turning on utilities, refinancing our construction loan to a permanent mortgage (which requires us to have insurance in place, a survey and appraisal completed, etc.), and actually packing. It could be argued that we haven't started packing (indeed, I would make such an argument), but we never unpacked at least 2/3 of our things, so there's not a ton to pack. Unfortunately, all of the things that still need to be packed are all of the things that we use on a pretty regular basis, so we can't pack much more until it's really time to move. Fortunately, we have the luxury of moving over a full week -- and we're only moving a mile and a half -- so we can pack up the high-use items and move them gradually. (I don't know how people pack up everything and move across the country. Bless you if you've done it.)

Anyway, we've been spending a lot of time at the house doing various chores. Cleaning is an ongoing project (which will probably be ongoing even after we move in). We spent some time there tonight swapping out regular light bulbs for CFL bulbs and will have to work on that some more over the next few days. Last night installed a medicine cabinet in the back (guest) bathroom. It's a tiny bathroom with a tiny cabinet and no other storage, so we thought a medicine cabinet was a must, and we found one at Costco for a very reasonable price. We may paint it white to match the cabinet and to visually "shrink" it, but we think it looks pretty great as is:

I almost added that this picture shows a completely finished vignette, but the door hardware isn't on yet.

And now for a "ripped from the headlines" Thing I'm Not Going To Miss: our current dishwasher, which we long suspected was designed by someone from a culture that doesn't use dishes, and which was actually recalled last week due to a fire hazard. Nope, not going to miss that.


  1. Devon - From Schaefer: Happy we're in England Happy. Our packing's done. Are you finished with the house, with the lamps? Do you still have the lamps? Come visit very soon. Are you happy? That's it.
    From Ursula: Congrats on getting the official date! That's so exciting. Can't wait to see the full room pictures with furniture.

  2. ok, so milk at costco? you must have kids? if so, how come we never see pictures of them?

  3. Fascinating...a clue! So our anonymous commenter is someone we don't know. I had no idea we had any fans beyond family and friends. Does this mean our house adventures are actually interesting?

    To answer your question, no kids -- we just like milk (2-3 gallons a week).

  4. Hi,

    Can you please tell me where you got the pretty light fixture above your guest bathroom vanity? I recently completed a bathroom remodel, and still need to find a light fixture, but I'd love something unique (& hopefully affordable!). :) Thank you!

  5. Pamela -- Almost all of our light fixtures are from a local lighting store, Lighting Inc., but they're brands that are available nationwide (as well as online). The guest bath light is Murray Feiss model number VS13702-DBZ. I wouldn't say it was exactly "affordable" (I think we paid about $170 with our builder's discount) but I really love the look, and I had a lot of fun picking out lighting. It was my favorite part of the selection process. Good luck!

  6. Devon - great, thanks so much for the info.! It's a beautiful fixture. P.S. - I also love the look of your home's exterior...so pretty.

  7. You're welcome, and thanks!