19 June 2010

Dashing to the Food Bowl

Today, for the first time since Dash got sick three weeks ago, he voluntarily ate more than a few bites of bunny food.

And such a handsome little devil! He's lost a lot of weight but put two ounces back on between seeing the vet on Tuesday and again on Friday. We're hopeful that he'll have put on another few ounces by the time he goes back next Tuesday.

Today we didn't get much packing done (there didn't seem to be much point -- we still haven't heard from R whether we're talking days or weeks to get the master bathroom put back together). Our big accomplishment of the day was finding a good use for the thirty or so quarts of sample paint. Sherwin-Williams suggested finding a school that wanted them, so I thought about stopping by the elementary school around the block from the temporary house, but the paint containers say "keep out of the reach of children," so that seemed like a bad idea. I offered them to a co-worker who has a high schooler, but with school getting out for the summer, she didn't think they'd be interested. She suggested that a theater group might want them, so I e-mailed an actor friend; he said he'd check with his people, but I never heard back. Finally this week, R's right-hand man, R2, told me that he had heard of an organization that accepted paint for the disabled to make art. He didn't know the name or the exact location, but he said it was somewhere on the main road that passes by the new house. Enter Google. Within seconds, I had found The Arc of the Capital Area Studio and Gallery. When we stopped by, a class was in progress, and they were thrilled for our donation. It doesn't really get more win-win than that!

I'm still amazed that there were thirty samples -- not because it's so many (although it's a lot), but because thirty samples works out to about three samples per color we eventually selected. Is that all?! It seemed like a lot more than that, and we went through more like seven or eight before settling on the ceiling color (which we also used in in closets and three of the four bathrooms). But we copied the exterior trim color from another R job (without any samples) and only got one for the interior trim color, so I guess that offsets some of the rooms where we were less decisive.

On the subject of paint, the painters came back for touch-up yesterday and poured some of the leftover paint (which they buy in gallon or five-gallon containers) into quart containers for our future touch-up needs. When I took this picture of the kitchen, finally sporting a refrigerator, there were the touch-up quarts lined up (and marked en Espanol) at the micro-center.

You can build a mansion but you just can't live in it.... (Yup, it's still stuck in my head.)

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