11 June 2010

Crisis Averted

I'll spare you all of the frustrating details and just say that when the city told us we had to upgrade to a 3/4" water meter, they hadn't actually checked the size of the existing water meter...and it turned out that we already had a 3/4" meter. Gold star to Team R for thinking to double-check that yesterday.

Now on to some eye candy.

Here's a close-up of the glass in the front door.

In addition to the red of the poppies and the little touches of green, there are three different types of glass in the door. We chose the predominant glass (called "vecchio" -- kind of a seeded look) for the sidelights and transom for privacy. We wanted a single transom instead of the three pieces, but they couldn't get a long enough piece of vecchio glass, so we had to go with the three-piece transom.

Next, here is another of our favorite new features:

Gotta love that action!

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