20 June 2010

Construction-Induced Profanity

We finally heard back from R. The revised best-case move-in date is next Friday (really Saturday, since when he says Friday, that means work will still be going on all day on Friday). [Note to Mom: Management regrets to inform you that you should get used to the idea of substandard accommodations while you're in town.]

So, since our weekend wasn't taken up with moving (although we should be packing or organizing -- or anything but blogging -- right now), we decided to jump ahead to some of the details that are going to become imminent once we do move (if we ever do). Which meant that we went shopping.

First, our new compost container for the kitchen:

We've actually needed a compost container for a long time, but since we've been hauling compost ingredients -- including everything from the bunny cage -- over to the new house, we've been using a big plastic bag. Once we move (if we ever do), we're going to need a permanent system for collecting scraps and taking them outside every day or two. There are a lot of containers sold as kitchen compost pails, but they tend to be really big, ugly, and/or brightly colored (and pretty pricey). We wanted something smaller, prettier, and that would coordinate with the creams, golds, and browns of our kitchen. So when we found this little copper container at World Market -- for $9! -- we were sold. (Since we're not sure how the pail would fare in the dishwasher, we put a plastic cup in it as a liner that we can easily remove and wash.)

Next, we've been looking for a shower curtain for the mudroom. Once the showerhead was finally hooked up, we noticed that water splashes pretty far out of this shower, so we need a curtain that will go pretty much all the way to the ground. But since most curtains are only six feet tall, that would mean that the rod would have to be hung just six feet above the floor -- awkward (and hazardous for taller showerers). Some shower curtains come in seven- or eight-foot lengths, but finding one that looked right was going to take some searching. And then we found this curtain at World Market. It's a window curtain, not a shower curtain, but that's actually better -- its four-and-a-half-foot by seven-foot dimensions are pretty much perfect for a four-foot-wide shower, and its sturdy burlap-like material will be easily washable so we don't have to buy a separate liner. It wasn't cheap, but since it has grommets for hanging, I can return the shower curtain hooks I bought recently. And I think the color looks great with the tile (probably even better than the wall color, which is brighter and bluer than we wanted and is likely to be one of the first things we change after we move in (if we ever do)).

It even came with that tie to keep it tidy when not in use (which will be most of the time).

I've also been on the lookout for curtains to cover the windows so we're not living in a fishbowl when we finally move in (if we ever do -- have I mentioned that we've become skeptical that day will ever come?). The long-term plan involves top down-bottom up cellular blinds for most of the windows, but that's quite an outlay at this point, and we're not even sure what color we would want for each area. We're probably going to end up buying a bunch of those paper temporary blinds from Home Depot, but I'd love to find curtains for as many windows as possible to save the expense and waste of something I'm just going to take down over the next few months as we find permanent window coverings.

So...at another World Market store in town (yeah, we went to two different locations within 24 hours...we also looked at Tuesday Morning and Bed Bath and Beyond but didn't find any winners), I came across this in the clearance section (only $7!):

They only had one, which will span the office window in an awkward-but-privacy-providing way until we get cellular shades for that window, at which point I might do something fun like cut it in half, get out my sewing machine, and make it into two narrow curtains to be mounted on either side of the window. Unless I can find it a partner at one of the other stores....

After we finished taking pictures of all of these fun finds, we took them down and brought them back to the (I'm-beginning-to-wonder-if-it-is-)temporary house. (We're not allowed to leave things at the (I'm-beginning-to-wonder-if-it-ever-will-be-)permanent house.)

On the way back from World Market #2, we stopped by a place that housed a nursery and a pond/fountain business (and a hardscape shop...brilliant cross-promotion). The pond/fountain folks were cultivating a bunch of water lilies ($35, if you're wondering), and each of them was sporting a beautiful flower:

So, if you ignore the fact that we're paying rent, a mortgage, two sets of utilities, renter's insurance, homeowner's insurance, and property taxes...with no realistic expectation of actually being able to move, it wasn't such a bad weekend.

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  1. In our compost container, we use BioBags (http://www.biobagusa.com/) and a long magnet strip to secure it but keep it inside the pail. It keeps the container from getting too nasty. :)