03 June 2010

The City of Austin Has No Taste

At least, that's what I take away from them saying that our cupcake light over the shower violates code. In order to keep the ball rolling, we had to buy a really unattractive exterior light (no picture) that I hope will satisfy them. If there's a silver lining here, it's that the sidewalk issue didn't hold up scheduling the inspection any longer.

So while we didn't make progress toward the other inspections, we did see a lot of the door hardware jazzing up the doors:

We also met with R's right-hand man, R2, about the placement of the cabinet and bath hardware, and by the end of the day, most of the cabinet pulls and knobs were installed in the kitchen:

Work was done out on the back porch...but can you spot it?

The left half of the picture has screens (and really nice redwood trim), while the right side is still open. We upgraded to some fancier screens -- without the benefit of our usual weeks of research -- so it was nice to see that they really are nearly invisible. (And yes, that's our fantastic Costco cart out back.)

While we were there meeting with R2 about the hardware placement, a third-party (non-city) inspector came by to test our ducts for leakage. He started by putting industrial-strength plastic wrap over all of the vents...

...then taped that air tube into one of the vents...

....and attached this duct and fan to the last one....

...so that he could fire up the fan attached to the duct and use his handheld device to see how much leakage there is in our duct system.

At least that's the theory. When I left, he wasn't getting a good reading and was still trying to find the vent that he assumed has escaped being covered. I don't know if he ended up figuring it out, and if so, what the results of the test were. I'll keep you posted.

Rounding out the day, another money issue came up with R. And it's a big one.

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