19 May 2010

Why Couldn't This Have Happened on Monday?!

Every day I stop by the house full of hope for what might have happened that day. The last two days have been a huge disappointment in that respect, as virtually nothing was done. Today, though, progress came at me from every angle as soon as I opened the door.

To the left, the stone masons started working on the fireplace.

This is the same stone as on the exterior, but it is being laid in a "mortarless" configuration. We would have preferred this look for the whole house, but it was unbelievably expensive just to do it on the fireplace, and I can't imagine what the upcharge would have been for the entire exterior.

Straight ahead of me, the granite was installed in the kitchen.

As you can see we're still waiting on the bar granite. I took a bunch of pictures of the whole kitchen, but the counters were still dusty, so I'll have to follow up with a whole-kitchen picture later. Hopefully the cabinets will be dust-free then, too...so that will have to wait until after the wood floor is finished.

When I ventured farther into the house, I found this, upside down, leaning against the shelves in the master closet:

The poppy door (and its transom and sidelight co-parts) finally arrived! We can't wait for them to be installed so we can look at it as we approach the house every day. Of course, we'll rarely use this door. Instead, we'll enter the house through Thing I'm Looking Forward To #7: a garage with a door that opens automatically, as if by magic.

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