14 May 2010

Two and a Half Steps Forward, One and Eleven Sixteenths Steps Back

Construction is really wasteful. There have been so many things that were done wrong the first time and had to be redone, adding time and expense. (Even though we generally don't have to pay more to have these things fixed, this culture of wasted effort surely inflated the subs' bids that went into our final number with R.)

As you know, we posted pictures of the first few counters yesterday. What I didn't mention was that, while we mostly loved the way they looked, we were really unhappy with the way they were cut and laid out. For instance, if you look really closely at yesterday's master counter picture, you can see a large overhang (1-1/4 inches) on the tub side, but a minimal overhang (perhaps 1/2 inch) on the front. The long side looked silly. Apparently the way the cabinets were built meant that, when they measured for the counters in the usual way, they ended up with that inconsistency once they were installed. The issue presented itself differently in each area. We decided it wouldn't be so bad in the kitchen once the rest of the counters went in and that there was no good way to fix it in the mudroom, but we had a good plan for the master (the one that was the most conspicuous). We asked R, and in turn the granite folks, to (1) move the master counter away from the back wall 1/4" to better match the front overhang (the gap would be covered with the backsplash piece), and (2) cut 1/2" off the ends of the two bath counters that weren't in yet so they wouldn't have the same problem. Eventually they agreed to do that and decided that would be the more proper way to fix the issue with the master counter as well, which is why we found this when we arrived at the house today:

That's the master bath vanity in there. The counter is gone, and the sink is on the floor of the master bedroom. The other master sink arrived today and is in the box. Theoretically, all of the rest of the plumbing arrived, too, but I can't find one of the master sink faucets.

They were lightning-quick to cut that half-inch off of the other bath counters and get them installed, and the marble in the front bath looks exactly as I had imagined:

Well, almost. They were supposed to hone the top; instead it's polished. So back it will go on Monday.

The back bath went in today, and if this were Goldilocks's house, she would conclude that this counter was just right.

It was about 7 pm when we were there, so there was virtually no natural light in the bathroom when I took this picture. I think this granite will be more interesting in the light. Either way, though, it's goes really well with the vanity light (which I couldn't fit into the picture).

All of this talk about stone leads me to Thing I'm Looking Forward To #5: Having a proper place to display our collection of Inuit sculpture. And the rest of our art, but the Inuit pieces are the most special. I'd post a picture of our favorite piece (the "no post until it's in" policy doesn't extend to furnishings), but it's stored away in a box of bubble wrap).

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