18 May 2010

Real Life

At some point, the house is going to be finished, we will be moved in and unpacked, and our lives will go back to normal. We will still have lots to blog about related to the house, including landscaping, installing the speakers for which we pre-wired, decorating, and (we hope) our unbelievably low utility bills, but I imagine this blog will also become about the little things that make up life at Casa B. -- things like the bunnies, the food we make in our new kitchen, and our swim/bike/run habit.

So...given that a whole lot of nothing went on at the house today, I decided to share what I did with my evening. I competed in a race involving a half-mile swim in the lake at my gym followed by a 2-mile run on the gravel trail around the lake. Because so much of our time over the last year has been devoted to the house, I'm not nearly as fast as I was a year ago (in the water or on foot -- or on a bike, for that matter), but it's great to be back out there. Today, however, I forgot to transfer my goggles from my gym bag to my triathlon bag, and the goggles someone loaned me didn't fit my eyes at all. Within a dozen strokes, they were full of water, and I knew adjusting them wouldn't really fix the problem, so I made a strategic decision to swim without them. I stopped swimming for a second, took off the goggles, stuffed them in my tri suit, and kept swimming, not sure what it would be like or whether that was a huge mistake. Surprisingly, it was, in many ways, easier than swimming with goggles. Since there's no chlorine in the lake, the water didn't hurt my eyes (although they do feel a little funny now, three hours later). It was actually easier to sight to the buoys without goggles (which tend to fog and limit my vision), and the blurriness underwater didn't matter because there wasn't much to see below the surface. I was even able to find someone swimming my pace to draft behind, although she had a wild kick that my hands bumped into on almost every stroke. My swim wasn't great, but I can't attribute that to the goggle situation. In fact, if I ever forget my goggles again (which is sure to happen at some point), I won't even try to borrow any.

Both my swim and my run were still slow, but hopefully I'm getting back into the swing of things. I think the biggest thing I need to focus on now is eating better. All that training requires a lot of fuel, and our current kitchen doesn't really inspire me to make healthy, balanced meals. Have I mentioned that we were already supposed to have moved into our new kitchen?

(Read on for another post -- and audience participation opportunity -- below.)

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