02 May 2010

Paint-fully Slow

The painters are now two weeks in, and while their trim work has been meticulous, they still haven't applied a drop of wall paint. Nevertheless, R swears they'll be finished on Wednesday. We'll see.

Except for the stone cap that will go at the top of the stone (just under the white stripe of trim at the bottom of the siding), the stone work finished up on the back bedroom:

We've started calling it the "guest cottage" because it's so cute. Last year, when we found the original house plans online and started making changes, our primary goal was to retain the perfect front facade. We didn't care what the back looked like, so it's a pleasant surprise that it turned out so lovely. (Even the pretty bracketed awning over the back window was simply intended to shade the window from the sun.)

It's hard to get good pictures of the front of the house because the light is best in the morning, and I'm usually there in the late afternoon. I suppose that will be easier once we're living there. Anyway, I did get this shot around noon today:

As you can see, all that's left of the stone work is the front columns and the cap (all the way around the house). Then the masons will move inside to the fireplace.

Tomorrow the electrician is supposed to come back to bury the conduit that will carry the underground electrical service. Then we'll just be waiting on the box on the side of the house and then we'll be ready for permanent electrical service. Once the painters are finished, the electrician will also begin installing light fixtures, which are supposed to arrive on Wednesday (along with some of the plumbing fixtures). Our front door (the California Poppy) may also arrive this week.

I'll leave you with a picture of the very yellow Red Devons that are finally blooming at the temporary house:


  1. Hello! I found this blog by searching on google for "green house paint." I'm repainting this summer and would like to do a nice green but I've seen so many greens that I don't like .. I was wondering if you'd tell me which brand/color you used on the exterior of your home. It looks great!

    1. Thanks! The green on the exterior is Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage at 180% intensity. (The trim is Sherwin-Williams Divine White, which is a really creamy white).