16 May 2010

Our Two-Person Economic Stimulus Plan

R has drawn about 85% of our construction loan funds (not to mention the cash we gave him directly for the heat pump and other upgrades we've made since we started), and the house is definitely looking like it's close to completion (although not as close as we'd like -- the original schedule would have had us moving in this past weekend).

In any event, we are officially transitioning into Phase II of the Casa B. Economic Stimulus Plan: furnishings! Toward that end, we just ordered two of these:

In the interest of full disclosure, they're from Target, so the stimulus value of this purchase was minimal...but that just leaves more for us to stimulate elsewhere...which is good because we also recently stimulated the Hawaii economy a good bit with the purchase of a koa console table. Unfortunately, it's packed away in the box it arrived in, so I can't post a picture. Also packed away? Thing I'm Looking Forward to #6 (and this is a big one): The Christmas morning-like extravaganza of unearthing all of our stuff that's been in boxes for at least a year now. I would estimate that about two-thirds of our stuff is packed away in a spare room. You might say that, if we haven't needed it in this time, we don't really need it, but you're wrong. I long for it every day. I miss my stuff. If that makes me materialistic, so be it. We have good stuff and can't wait for it to be back in our lives.

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