11 May 2010

One Picture Day

Not much to show today -- just this light in the powder room.

BUT...this morning we learned that the sinks finally arrived at the granite shop yesterday, so our counters can finally get into the queue for fabrication. (The master bath sinks are still on backorder (not surprising -- they're so fabulous that our friends Wayne and Judith chose the same ones for their recent bath remodel), but since they're not undermounts, the granite folks can cut the holes without having them on-site.) We expect to sign off on the final details tomorrow, and hopefully the counters will be in soon.

And given the light news day, as well as the countdown to moving, I have decided to introduce a new Casa B. feature: Things I'm Looking Forward To. (Some days this may be stated as Things I'm Not Going To Miss. Same thing, really.)

Thing I'm Looking Forward To #1: A dishwasher designed by a person who is familiar with the concept of dishes. The designer of our current dishwasher was obviously from a culture that doesn't use 'em. It's the usual size but configured in such a way that we can fit, like, four dishes in it at a time.

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