29 May 2010

Not a Day Off, But an Off Day

We woke up this morning with high hopes for the day.  Although we're still dealing with HVAC troubles, we've figured out a workable plan, and the wood floors would be finished by the end of the day.  We were going to get started on a big project involving bridging the gap between the old driveway and the house (about ten feet -- just a temporary fix until we figure out how we want to go about replacing the whole driveway).  We were going to go to our appliance shop to order a refrigerator during Texas's sales tax holiday for Energy Star appliances (which I'm philosophically opposed to, but as long as it exists, we'd be fools not to take advantage of it).  In short, lots to do.

When I woke up this morning and went to feed the bunnies, though, our plan fell apart.  Dash wasn't interested in food and was obviously really sick.   Our usual vet is out of town for the holiday weekend, as is his partner and, as it turned out, the vet their office referred us to.  We finally found a vet qualified to handle bunnies and drove straight there.  We don't really know what's wrong with him, but we suspect that it's related to a ton of goo that built up in his ears since they were cleaned just two weeks ago.  (We'll know more Wednesday, when the ear-goo culture comes back.)  For now, he has ear antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and Millie faithfully by his side.

She wrapped an ear around him 'cause that's sure to cure what ails.

Anyway, we spent the not-totally-unbearably-hot hours of the day at the vet and setting Dash up with his medicine and his sick-bunny food, and by the time we finished up at the appliance shop (we did get the refrigerator ordered -- at a savings of almost $150!), it was noon and way too hot for outside chores.  With the wood being finished today (at least that is getting done), we can't do inside chores, either.  Instead, we're laying low, watching tennis on TV and staying close to Dash -- who, in case we haven't mentioned it recently, we love so, so much.

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