10 May 2010

Master Suite

Today the lighting went into the master suite, and in my unbiased opinion, I'd say it looks fantastic. Here's the fan, with the tray ceiling in the background:

The same one is in the great room -- where it looks, you know, great. Steve picked out most of the fans, and his modern approach to the fans inspired me to follow in his footsteps for the others.

The lights went up in the bathroom, too. Here is one of the vanity lights:

I loved this light the minute I saw it. We were going in two different directions with the master bathroom -- very squarish elements with very round elements -- and I immediately knew that two of these would be just the thing to bridge that divide. We had originally picked out the 3-light version of these before realizing that they wouldn't work with the window trim, but fortunately we were able to change to the 2-light at the last minute before placing the lighting order.

Here's the "cupcake light" that we put above the shower -- clearly, one of the round features.

The radiant floor heat control went in just in time for temperatures in the 90s. I'm sure Steve will be itching to crank it up on the first even vaguely cool-ish day this fall.

I can't wait for the plumbing fixtures to go in so I can show you the finished space...but here's a preview:

And now on to the ugly side of the house -- the garage storage room, and specifically the water heater. This is a 50-gallon Rheem Marathon, the Cadillac of electric water heaters. We'll take a closer look at the water heater and its green tie-ins another time.

And now to finish on a pretty note. This is the view from the guest cottage, looking back.

Unfortunately, the electric pole and lines are very visible (although the temporary pole on the right side will be gone soon), but the pomegranate bushes make the view a little nicer, and I'm so glad we were able to keep them. I have discovered that, if properly cared for, they can produce up to 300 pounds of fruit (!), but I am going to have to look into whether they can be pruned to be more upright and less bushy. That's a project for next winter.


  1. I think we were promised some more details on this water heater a while back...when can we expect more info and lots of pictures of it? please create a new post entitled: Water Heater and tell us how it works and what it costs please. Thanks!