05 May 2010

Right and Plumb Wrong

The master bedroom color definitely changes with the light. Here it's looking more like we envisioned:

The great room is the same color, but lighter (1/3 less pigment), so it will have the same range of color throughout the day. While a little greener than we expected, we still really like it. (In fact, a hallway we had decided to paint in the ceiling color was inadvertently painted with the great room color, and we liked it so much, we decided to keep it that way.

This picture is a bit dark, but I had to show you the bunny room. We chose the color to coordinate with the green in some bunny curtains we bought for their window. The guys are going to love it!

Earlier this week I told you about the lengths we went to to find just the right color to put with the master shower tile. Here you can see what I was talking about:

That's paint on the left wall and tile on the right. This paint is also the color in the other bathrooms, as well as the ceilings throughout. Remember that I was limited to 8 colors, including the trim color. Because of this limitation, I had to get creative and "recycle" colors, but I chose this one to go with the tile.

All of my excellent paint-picking leaves the mudroom as my least favorite for wall color.

While I like the color, there's not really any connection between the blue walls and the amazing, richly colored tile. I predict that this will be the first room we repaint -- not immediately, but probably in the next couple of years.

The garage is the only whole space that still needs to be painted...and that's going to be trickier because it's a mess -- and only getting messier. Most of the lighting arrived today.

It's exciting to see it all "in person" (albeit through pictures on the boxes). It's like the house is finally dressed and ready for jewelry.

The first few plumbing fixtures also arrived. Two toilets are already in, as well as the tub/shower control and showerhead in this bathroom:

It's great to see the bathroom inching forward toward completion. Unfortunately, the tub/shower control (in the top corner of the picture) is the bath 3 (back bath) fixture, while this picture is of bath 2 (front bath). Confusing, I know -- that's why we call them the "front bath" and "back bath."

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