24 May 2010

It's Really Turning Into a House!

I can't believe how much it's looking like a real house. Almost like somewhere a person could live. With another person and two bunnies.

It's because of all of the cosmetic progress that I haven't yet had an opportunity to write the long-promised water heater post or the sure-to-thrill toilet post. Patience, dear reader.

Despite our weekend of HVAC challenges, the wood floor guys were able to get started sanding the floor today:

We expected that the sanding would create a horrible, dusty mess, but so far it's been really tidy. (I guess that bag on the sander works like a high-powered vacuum.) It was so far from a dust storm that the tile guy came back to grout the kitchen backsplash:

We chose a white grout to hopefully make the off-white tile look less white (a trick I picked up from the kitchen in Brothers and Sisters). I think it worked. The window trim also helps.

There was a little bit of a crisis Friday evening when I discovered that the backsplash at the bar wasn't quite two tiles high -- I assumed it was 6" tall, so two 3" tall tiles would fit perfectly, but it was 6" before the granite went in, so we had to cut 1-1/4" off. I couldn't decide, though, whether to cut the full amount off of the top tile or 5/8" off of each. The installer made me a mock-up of the 5/8" option, and it was almost impossible to tell that they were cut down. In these pictures, the camera angle makes the difference more pronounced than it really is.

Oh yes, and the observant reader may have noticed that the bar granite also went in today.

Meanwhile, the observant homeowner (me) finally noticed that the althea plant at the corner of the house has sprouted lovely lavender flowers.

The arborist we met with last summer identified this bush and told us that it would have hibiscus-like flowers, so I hauled milk jugs of water over to keep it alive during our drought -- and now, nearly a year later, it's paying off.

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