07 May 2010

I See Dead People

Today was Steve's birthday. We took the day off from work and spent the day together. Among other things, we went to the Our Bodies: The Universe Within exhibit at UT, which was a unique experience -- part science, part ewwww!

Of course, we also spent some time at the house. There were a bunch of people working, and I'm sure a lot was accomplished, but not much that translates into pictures. The exterior lights did go up, though. Here is one of the lights on the front of the garage (the same lights, but smaller, are on either side of the front door):

And the lights we put at the garage side door and outside the back porch:

And the back porch fans:

The garage lights also went in, but they're going the wrong direction (they should be turned ninety degrees).

We have arranged with R to do a lot of the cleaning ourselves instead of paying his usual company a dollar per square foot to clean, so tomorrow I'm hoping to have some time to get started cleaning the windows or straightening up the cardboard that's strewn everywhere.

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