27 May 2010

HVAC: How Very Annoying, Charlie

With the floor guys hard at work and no one else really being able to get into the house to work, I expected to have lots of time this week for catch-up posts about things like the water heater.  However, part of what's nifty about the water heater is that it's powered in part by the heating/air conditioning system, and the air conditioning has been malfunctioning all week (with the miraculous exception of Tuesday, when it worked for the entire day).  Not good for controlling the moisture level in the floor (critical to a good finishing job), and not good for our confidence in the very pricey geothermal heat pump system or the company that installed it.  And because of these troubles, I just don't think it's the right time to share the details of the HVAC/water heater/on-demand recirculating pump extravaganza that is supposed to revolutionize our household consumption of both energy and water.

Instead, I'll share two random pictures I took at the house today.  First, this kind of artsy shot of the sanded floor (5" wide maple) with traces of sawdust showing the pattern of the sander on its very last day as unfinished wood:

If you were wondering, this is the master bedroom.  No?  Not wondering?  Moving along....

The last light fixtures finally arrived (the three pendant lights that will hang over the bar in the kitchen).  Eager as ever, I opened the package to get a glimpse of the glass shades (we ordered them based on pictures on the website, so we were kind of holding our breath that the color would be right...which it really is).  This is what I found inside the box: 

Double-click for a closer look at the note.  As recyclers and people who generally try to help out the less fortunate, this is definitely lighting we can feel good about.  (Plus I always find it interesting to take a look at when and where the newspaper is from, and what was going on there and then.)

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