09 May 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

You know who you are.

Today we met our friend Ian (also known as "Ian from Australia") at the house. We wanted to show him around before he moves to Denver later this week.

Hopefully the guest accommodations were effective in persuading him to make frequent trips back to Austin. It's unfortunate that we didn't see Ian even once this school year -- he used to be one of our favorite training partners, but he was busy applying and interviewing for academic jobs while we were busy with everything we've been busy with, so we've been very bad friends this year.

Before Ian came by, we spent an hour replacing light bulbs with CFLs and getting started on cleaning (not that you'd know we did anything -- that place is a mess!). In retrospect, I wonder if we might have been able to scam Ian into helping us clean. Probably not....

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