13 May 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one year since we signed the contract to buy the lot. We were hoping to be in within a year, but I'd say we've come a long way nevertheless.

Much to our surprise, after signing off on the counter details just yesterday, some of the pieces were already in today. Here's the master counter (not totally installed yet, and still missing one sink):

It's Zodiaq, not natural stone. Although we were warned that solid surface counters were a mistake (we ignored a lot of advice...), we liked the idea of a solid surface for what is sure to be the hardest-working counter in the house. It actually has more of a natural pattern than I had remembered, and it coordinates unbelievably well with the tile (also a synthetic material -- porcelain -- that looks like stone).

The other area in which we used a solid surface material is the mudroom:

There's no light in the mudroom -- oh, how I wish we had put a solar tube in there! -- so it's hard to see until the electricity is turned on, but this dark bluish-brownish counter is just the right look with the varied slate.

The last counter to arrive today is the kitchen island:

This one is the real deal -- vyara granite. We bought it as a remnant (like the other pieces that arrived today, as well as the other bathroom counters) and later found the main kitchen material, which is a totally different granite (kashmir gold) but that has the same blue-grey streaks. We can't wait to see it go in!

And now for Thing I'm Looking Forward To #3: our new pantry. Not just because it's big (which it kind of is), but because we don't have any pantry at all right now. All we have is what we've taken to calling the "scary closet" -- which, as Thing I'm Not Going To Miss #4, we don't dare trust to hold our food.

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