03 May 2010

The Happeningest Day

So much was done today.

The painters proved that three days will be more than enough to paint all of the walls.

I'll start with the guest room, which is the same color as the guest room in our condo (Sherwin-Williams Parchment, which is no longer one of their colors, but they'll mix it if you ask):

The exercise room:

The office:

Steve picked out this color, which was originally a lot darker. I made the executive decision that we needed to lighten it by about 25%, which I think is the perfect compromise.

The mudroom:

This color is probably bluer than I wanted -- I wanted the mudroom and powder room to be grey, but I ran out of colors (I had 8; more would have cost extra). I decided to use the same color in the mudroom and exercise room in hopes that it would be just grey enough for the mudroom and just blue enough for the exercise room, but it's more blue than grey. I'm not sure how it's going to look with the tile, which is currently all covered.

The master bedroom:

This color turned out more green than I expected. We were going for more of a tan -- which is how it looked when we painted the sample on the wall -- but it had turned out more greenish when we painted a sample on a scrap of drywall at the temporary house, so we knew it was a possibility. A lighter version of the same color is going in the great room, so hopefully it will look more tan in different light.

The master bath:

This color (which is also on all of the ceilings) is a huge victory. We (I) agonized over it, mixing two Sherwin-Williams colors, tweaking, adjusting, and remixing several times before settling on something that we hoped wouldn't make the tile in the master bath and guest bath (same tile) look too pink. I think we nailed it.

Moving outside, the stone mason put up most of the cap at the top of the stone, and it looks great. Here it is on the guest cottage:

When I walked through the porch and outside, I was surprised to find that the top step was suddenly a lot lower than it had been. Then I remembered that R had explained that they need to put stone on the steps due to a code issue and the way the door frame lined up with the steps.

The electrician also started working on the underground electrical service.

The trench doesn't have much going on in it yet, but it's a big step toward getting actual power in the house. This was a surprise:

I don't know what it is (some kind of access panel?), but it wasn't there yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, we spent a while doing chores at the house yesterday to make it possible to put the trench where it is. The original plan would have required tearing out two big, unruly bushes near the side property line, which didn't bother me much -- until last week, when they started blooming:

I'm not sure what it is, but according to pictures I've found on the Internet (which, as we all know, is rarely wrong), it might be a pomegranate bush. Anyway, I'm a sucker for flowers (especially in a backyard that otherwise looks like the surface of the moon), so we had to find a way to keep them. We ended up moving part of the construction fence closer to the property line and trimming some of the branches so that the trencher would fit between the bushes and the fence. While we were there, I also Shop-Vac'ed the garage attic and did some other miscellaneous chores.

I got a lot done today, too. To illustrate the sheer quantity of things I checked off of the list, I will use bullet points:
  • I ordered an 18"x24" beveled mirror for the powder room from a local glass shop. When it's ready, I'll take it to Hobby Lobby for framing (I've already picked out the frame).
  • I got in touch with some people in Washington (state) about the house numbers I found on their website. There's a good bit of research to do before we're ready to order, and they're going to be sending samples before we decide.
  • I made a final decision on the glass in the master shower. Wall, not door; 7' tall, not all the way to the ceiling; mounting brackets but no other hardware.
  • I made an almost-final decision on the gutters (specifically, where we will have downspouts versus rain chains, and exactly where the downspouts will be).
  • I went to my favorite tile shop (The Tile Guy) and ordered an extra box of each of the tiles we're using in the house.
  • I made an appointment for a massage on Saturday. This technically isn't house-related -- I have a gift certificate that's about to expire -- but all things considered, yeah, the house made me need a massage.

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