25 May 2010

Potty Talk

Let's talk toilets.

Here's the Toto Eco-Drake:

Frankly, I don't know what's so special about Toto toilets. The Eco-Drake is low-flow (1.28 gallons per flush), earning it the EPA's WaterSense designation, but a lot of toilets are low-flow. All I know is that they're designed in such a way that we should never have to worry about clogging (I think the pipe that everything travels through is wider than most toilets).

We were originally planning to use a different brand and to go the dual-flush route (.9 gallon for lighter jobs, and 1.6 gallons for bigger jobs), but someone told us the .9 gallon setting wasn't very good at flushing anything. We tried some out at a couple of model homes, and our experience wasn't good. Then we started thinking about a particular Kohler low-flow model, but the online reviews were mixed. After both the head accountant at my office and one of my bankruptcy lawyers suggested Toto, I searched the reviews. (No, we're not bankrupt, but people I deal with at my job often are.) The only bad thing I read about these toilets was that some weirdo was unhappy that they didn't handle Q-tips like his old toilet did.

Once we decided to go with Toto, selecting a model was easy. These toilets aren't cheap, and the Eco Drake was the least expensive WaterSense option...by a lot. We did, of course, further complicate the decision by laboring over elongated versus round and ADA-height versus regular bowls, and we realized that all of our toilets are approached from the right, so we ordered them with the flush lever on the right. Apart from the lever being on the other side, the innards of a Toto aren't so different from any other toilet.

Here is the master toilet, in its own room. This one is elongated and ADA-height (two inches taller than normal, I think).

The other neat feature about Toto is that they have an option for a slow-close lid (which -- let's be realistic -- you can't not get). If you're tired of your partner's midnight trips to the potty waking you up with the sound of the lid slamming down, you'll love the slow-close. Or, as the Toto website says, "SoftClose action reduces injury and eliminates 'toilet seat slam.'" Can't beat that.

Edit: Austin folks -- the city has brought back their free low-flow toilet program. Info here. I'm not familiar with the brand, but if you have a pre-1996 toilet, it's worth checking out.

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  1. WELL DONE REPORT! Now, we just need the dirt on the Hot Water Heater...