08 May 2010

Don't Mess With Texas

I've posted pictures of a lot of our lighting, which I think is so, so pretty...but we also have some not-so-pretty lights:

These security lights have 360-degree motion detectors. So don't even think about trying to breach this perimeter. (Of course, a fence would also go a long way toward keeping you out. We'll work on that.)

Another development I forgot to mention yesterday: the electrical boxes went up on the back corner of the house, and it looks like some of the innards have started going in.

Beyond the boxes are the cable and phone wires that we ran from the attic. At some point the cable and/or phone companies will put up their own (smaller) boxes and run their wires through the conduit coming up from the ground. As part of the long-term plan (after the fence), the solar panels will tie into this area as well.

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