22 May 2010

At First Light

It really is like a whole different house with electricity. It has become a place where we can spend time during the day and at night. A 21st-century type of establishment.

We were, therefore, able to do some tinkering last night. Steve focused on getting the air conditioning going. The HVAC company had set up the air conditioner yesterday but didn't seem to set the thermostat to actually get it cooling or dehumidifying the house -- which we need this weekend so the wood floor can be finished next week. Unfortunately, after all the time Steve spent programming, this morning the house wasn't any cooler than the outside air, nor any drier than the 80% humidity. Today the HVAC folks spent more time trying to get it started. At one point I saw them take a scrap 2x4 up to the attic. Weird, but I guess if it worked....

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