12 April 2010

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back...And Then Two Steps Forward Again

It's kind of a miracle the tilers make any progress at all. They're unbelievably good at the tricky parts of tiling, but they seem sort of sloppy at the more mundane parts, so they spend a lot of time tearing things out and starting over.

They finished the mudroom shower today, which looks incredible...except that two of the pieces they used on the skinny edge of the wall that weren't honed (they just didn't look -- or feel -- right), so the tilers had to tear them out and replace them. It's done now, but this picture was taken while they were working on the replacements. The white on the right side of this picture is where the missing pieces were removed:

Our installer, Arturo, grinds the edges of the tile down into a bullnose, which looks spectacular, but that means that these two pieces, with two bullnosed edges each, were not simple to replace. The shower floor is an equally fun 2" version of the same copper slate, but not honed (to provide traction and avoid slips). If you jog over for a visit sometime, we just might let (by which I mean "require") you to take a shower in the mudroom before coming into the rest of the house.

I have no idea why they tore out all of the end pieces of the back bathroom shower.

This tile, too, is bullnosed on-site. (You can't do that with ceramic tile or anything that is glazed a different color from the body of the tile, but natural stone and certain porcelains can be bullnosed, and the effect is amazing.) It looked great yesterday, and it looks pretty much the same now that they're back up, but our lead installer, Arturo, wasn't happy with something about how the bullnose turned out.

The trim guys were also back, adding window sills...

...and shelving in some of the smaller closets.

Hopefully tomorrow they will get to the master closet. We just decided to add about 8 feet (the majority of one side of the closet) of shelving in place of hanging space, so it's going to take a little while to finish.

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