11 April 2010


I've been debating whether to write about this for a while. The honeymoon is pretty much over with R. While we are still really grateful to have him building our house, appreciate the quality that he brings to his projects, and know that it will be a wonderful home, we've had a series of disagreements with him that pretty much boil down to money (cost of changes, who should be responsible for mistakes, etc.). I want to give an accurate portrayal of the house building process, but I don't especially care to rehash the unpleasant parts, so I will leave it at that.

Instead, I will share with you something we read in a local newsletter that comes in the mail from time to time. (It's called Community Impact -- maybe you have it in your area, too?) This first chart shows the number of new home building permits issued each quarter over the last few years.

The city's fiscal year apparently begins in October, and since we got our permit in November, that puts us in the 645 building permits issued that quarter -- the lowest number in 16 years, according to the article.

This chart shows the sales taxes collected in Austin over the last 18 months.

The state Comptroller's tax receipt information lags two months behind, so February's increase reflects December's bump in spending. Recall that we started construction in December. You may want to attribute the increase to more broad-based factors, such as Christmas shopping, but I'm pretty sure it was mostly us. We are a two-person economic stimulus program.

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