23 April 2010

Tile, Part 15

Arturo braved the paint fumes today (they weren't as bad) to do some more work in the master bathroom. Specifically, he laid the shower floor (12"x12" floor tile cut down to 4"x4"):

He also installed the row-and-two-thirds behind the bathtub (it will end just below the countertop) and grouted the rest of the tile:

With the grout, the brick pattern is harder to see in pictures, but it looks great in person.

The painters were just leaving when I stopped by this afternoon, but I couldn't see (or smell) any progress. There was some evidence that the stone mason is closer to starting the exterior stone, though -- two pallets of stone cap were dropped off:

I want to believe we're in the final stretch, but it's going to be a long one.

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