17 April 2010

Checking Things Off The List

This was a week of trim and tile. The trim pretty much finished up, and it looks great. Apart from all of the window trim, which we love, the highlight is definitely the master closet. Recall that we were able to add three feet to the length of the closet due to some other changes we made right before the foundation was poured, so it's a lot bigger than we had planned. Here's the left side, which has three three-foot wide bays of adjustable shelves (one of which is blocked by the door in this picture) plus a tier of half-height hanging space:

The right side alternates between full- and half-height hanging space:

The master bath tiling is progressing slowly but surely (and quite beautifully):

The right side isn't quite finished because we're waiting to see if there's enough of the 8"x12" tile left over to go all the way to the corner (another two or three feet). If not, Arturo will finish off the edge with bullnosed pieces just past where the glass wall of the shower will be installed. Here's the shampoo niche, which Arturo and R painstakingly planned to blend into the pattern of the tile:

We also wanted some recessed shelves behind the bathroom door. Since there won't be anywhere to put a medicine cabinet, we wanted some inconspicuous shelves where we can keep our toothbrushes, Q-tips, and whatever else we want accessible but don't want to leave on the counter. Here's what the trim guys put together (it will have three adjustable shelves, which are currently stacked on the bottom):

All of the storage we've worked in might be overkill. It's definitely a reaction to our years without enough (and especially this year, when the house we're renting has virtually none).

With the trim done and tile work remaining only in the master bathroom, the painters should finally be starting Monday. (They had been scheduled to start this past Wednesday, but the tilers and the trim guys were still busy all over the house.)

This week we also met with the gutter guy to discuss where we will have downspouts versus rain chains. (My vote is for rain chains everywhere, leading down to rain barrels where feasible.) Hours after our meeting, the rain came, underscoring the necessity of doing something to keep water from pooling around the foundation. This picture, taken from the bunny room, shows our biggest trouble area, where three large roof planes come together in a small area.

That's the garage on the left, and on the right you can see one of the front porch columns. A gutter will channel rain out of this corner and toward the front of the garage, where a pretty rain chain will hang in place of an ugly downspout.

The last big development of the week was the arrival of the first load of stone for the exterior wainscot and the fireplace.

We're not getting too excited about it, but we're thinking this could mean the stone mason really might be thinking about scheduling a time to start on the stone work.

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