22 April 2010


Our house is many things, relative to the rest of the neighborhood.

It's the newest. It's the tallest. It's the greenest. (Happy Earth Day, by the way.) And I'm pretty sure it's not just my bias that makes me think it's the most beautiful.

But today, the most appropriate description is "stinkiest."

We are using low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint on the walls, but apparently the technology isn't quite there yet for trim paint, so we're using regular enamel paint for the trim. I'm not sure if they sprayed paint or primer today, but whatever it was, it was unbelievably noxious. I could barely stay inside long enough to get these pictures (holding my breath the whole time):

Apparently, when they take the VOCs out of low-VOC paint, they add it to this paint. There really are no words to describe how awful the smell is. And I did it all for you, dear reader.

Between expeditions into the deep to capture these images, I ran outside and gasped for air...and that's when I saw this:

See that? Along the eave? The gutter guy installed a sample piece of half-round gutter, which is made of galvalume to match the roof and is shallower than a regular gutter, allowing the rafter tails to peek out below.

Before the agony of the smelliest house in town, I went to the glass store to make some decisions on the glass wall of the master shower. Although it was a pretty successful visit, I technically left with more options than I had when I arrived because I asked if we could make the wall into a door, and she said we could. (The shower is five feet wide, and our plans have a glass wall coming out from the wall across half of the width of the shower. If we install a door instead, we'll still have two and a half feet of clear path into the shower, but it would also be easy for someone in a wheelchair to open the door and roll in.) So we're confirming that possible change with R, waiting on price quotes on the different options, and then we'll make a decision.

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