21 April 2010

Looks Like They're Getting Serious About Painting

Today the painters taped up the windows, covered the floors with paper, and wrapped the cabinets.

I think they might really be planning to paint soon. They also put up these cards all over the house as cheat sheets for the painters.

This was fun because, in addition to seeing today's progress, I also learned some new words en espanol. For instance, I knew that "cielo" was "sky," but I didn't know that the same word could be used to mean "ceiling." And I'm guessing that "gabinete" means "cabinet." I don't know what "vigas" means, but apparently I don't have any that need painting, so I guess that's okay.

Today Arturo also came back and tiled the master floor. Well, most of it.

This tile is over the radiant heating mat, making it taller than the wood floor where they meet in the doorway. We don't have any thresholds or transitions that are a different height, so we wanted to find a way to make them meet without a change in elevation. R didn't think it was possible, but Arturo agreed to try, and he successfully angled that first tile downward to meet the height of the wood.

It's because of that kind of above-and-beyond effort that Arturo found homemade chocolate chip cookies on his scaffold when he arrived at "the office" Monday morning. Last week, after we decided to tear out three rows of the wall tile, I asked him if he otherwise liked how the bathroom was turning out, and he said he did -- and then gushed about how much he likes to see a tile project come together and loves his job.

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