05 April 2010

It Looks So Much More Finished With the (Fill in the Blank)

We've been saying this at pretty much every point in the process, and cabinets and trim are no exception. Today the cabinet work mostly finished up. This is the master vanity, which is so much bigger than anything we've ever had before. It has six drawers (one of which will have an outlet for Steve's shaver).

Unlike the stained cabinets in the kitchen and great room, which are solid wood, these cabinets are made of a combination of paint-grade (meaning "not-so-pretty") wood and MDF (medium-density fiberboard). When the painters come back for the interior walls, they will paint all of the bathroom and mudroom cabinets.

The great room cabinets look, well, great (the beauty of the wood doesn't really come through in pictures, plus the cabinets are really dusty).

See the holes in the cabinet to the right of the fireplace? The stereo speakers, which will sit just below the top of the bookshelves, will connect through the top holes (there's another on the other side). The bottom two are for the TV (and will both be blocked by the TV -- both our current boxy TV and the flat-screen that Steve thinks we're going to buy). The one on the left is power, and the right is just an open box that connects (through conduit that we put in the wall) to another box inside the door below so we can run cables from the TV to the other components in the cabinets (a brilliant plan-ahead by Steve).

Most of the interior doors also went in today. We knew from the beginning that we wanted solid wood doors (thanks for Dion for telling us that she regrets not upgrading to solid wood). I was a little surprised to learn early on in this process that "solid wood" actually means solid MDF, but since we're painting them, that's fine. They're heavy doors -- they have three hinges because of their weight -- and match the Shaker styling of the cabinets.

The trim guys also put up a window trim mock-up this morning for us to approve. (See the left side of this window. It will all be painted white, as will the wood of the windows.) It's exciting to finally see the top trim that we saw last year at a model house and decided to recreate in our own home. R and one of the other builders we talked to really seemed to be against this trim style, but we love it. The mock-up looks fine, except that we want the two skinny parts on top to be a little longer.

Tiling starts tomorrow, and on Wednesday the countertop folks are coming to measure for the counters -- which means we can probably expect the counters to go in around the end of the month. And then...it's going to look so much more finished!

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