18 April 2010

Furniture Shopping

Don't do it, or do as much as you can online. We went to about six furniture stores today, and most of them had a salesperson ready to accost us with information about their sales, offers to help if we had any questions, etc. as soon as we walked in the door. It got really tiresome really fast -- and those stores didn't have what we were looking for (a simple 6' long medium-brown dining table with tapered legs that extends to accommodate up to 10). Our last stop was the Amish furniture store, which sells custom furniture from Amish families in Ohio. That's where we found what we were looking for (plus the salesperson was really helpful and not at all obnoxious). Although we're still undecided on chairs, we plan to order the table in the next few months in hopes of having it in time for Thanksgiving.

While we're on the subject of food, let's move into the kitchen so I can show you the (still dirty) cabinet that will hold our pots and pans:

This cabinet is to the left of the range. The bottom two drawers are each about a foot deep. The top shelf is shallower and will hold lids. We're really excited not to have to stack all of our pots inside each other to fit them into the cabinets anymore.

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