25 April 2010

Finally...Interior Paint

When we dropped by the house yesterday, the interior doors were all standing in the great room:

The paint was fresh (although not nearly as stinky as what I have since determined was primer earlier in the week). The color (Panda White) looked great -- not too white, not too beige.

Cabinet doors were laid out to dry in the master bedroom:

Most of the trim was also painted. These are the doors (with transom) out to the screened porch:

And the guest room closet and bathroom doors:

We have been amazed at all the prep work they did before actually applying any paint. (They started more than a week ago.) The results are fantastic, though -- that's what separates the great painters from the others.

More supplies and equipment also arrived for the stonework:

The buckets are full of sand to be mixed into mortar in that big machine. This really might be the week!

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