06 April 2010

Deciding is Exhausting, But Progress is Invigorating

A whole bunch of tile arrived today:

Some of it went in the teeny-tiny guest bathroom. (If you come for a visit, you will have a spacious bedroom but a teeny-tiny bathroom. Sorry about that.)

Tile also went in the mudroom and the powder room (at the back of the mudroom).

This is a really neat honed slate. The color is called "copper," but it has greens and blues and greys and pinks, all with a bit of metallic sheen. The same tile will go in the mudroom shower (which you can see between the two walls sticking out on the right side of this picture).

R is pretty pleased with the progress, too.

And then there's the action in the backyard.

The tulips kind of failed to launch. They're only a couple of inches tall, and their petals are sort of withery. It has been suggested that they didn't get enough water (although it seemed to rain a lot this winter). I really want to cut the Red Devons and put them in a vase, but I know I'd be sad not to see them from the master bedroom window when I go over to the house, so I won't.

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