28 April 2010

Breaking the Rules

Despite our new blog policy of not showing anything until it's in, I had to show you this. (Plus I've already posted pictures of the granite, so I'm not really giving away anything new.)

This is one of our slabs of granite for the kitchen (which we bought back in October). Today we went back to the granite yard to figure out the layout -- where all of the cuts and seams will be, etc. They had figured out a layout that got our whole kitchen out of two slabs (plus a totally different granite for the island), but trying to match the seams proved pretty difficult because of the pattern of the granite. The white lines (White-Out) show where the cuts will be. (Click on the picture to enlarge). The top piece is the skinny part of the bar that will face the living area. The bottom two pieces will make up the wider part of the bar, which will face the dining area. The piece that's second from the top will be the counter piece along the exterior wall (where the sink is, hence the White-Out oval toward the right side). That piece is really different from the others (more spotted, versus the others, which are more stripey), and both slabs have that same irregular pattern, so matching the pieces without really obvious seams was tricky. Fortunately, they had some other remnants and were willing to bring in extra pieces to give us the flexibility to move the pieces around and get the best possible layout. It all seemed to work out great...we'll see how it actually comes together.

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