14 April 2010

Another Day

Today the master bath tile work started. Here's Arturo in action, finishing up a row:

The tile will go to the ceiling on both of the blue walls, plus around the tub to the left. One of the last tile changes we made was to reduce the size of the wall tiles. This tile comes in 12"x12" (which we used in the back bathroom and will be on the floor of the master bath) and 12"x24". We wanted a brick pattern on the walls, so we were planning to use the 12x24 on the walls, but that's awfully big (think of tiles as long as your arm). As we were finalizing the tile order, we realized that cutting each 12x24 into three 8"x12" tiles would make for much nicer proportions. So far I'm really pleased with that decision.

Last night we got a security camera system with sixteen cameras. I didn't think we would have a use for sixteen cameras, until Steve set up the system upstairs with a camera downstairs, aimed at the bunnies, and explained that we can also use it as a webcam to see the bunnies from anywhere. The infrared feature is great because it means we can actually see the bunnies in the dark from anywhere.

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