25 March 2010


R usually tells us what's going on at the house (or sends us pictures, as he did with the green building sign). Today we knew that the wood flooring installer was getting started. We didn't expect the garage door to be installed, nor did we expect (although we chose it) that it would look this great:

The stone mason also came back to put up another sample with darker brown grout. When it dries in a day or two, it will be lighter than it appears here:

Moving inside...we now need a key to get into the house. R put temporary locks on the (temporary) front door, the garage side door, and the door from the garage into the house, so it now takes the gate combination and the lockbox combination to get into the house. (R gave us our own keys 'cause it's, you know, our house.)

On the wood flooring front, they brought the material into the back (guest) bedroom:

And filled in the low spots in the floor with leveling compound:

This is the far side of the exercise room. To the left of the closet is a nook where we will (eventually) build in a desk. I must reiterate that the periwinkle walls are not the final color.

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