24 March 2010

Whole Lotta...Something

A whole lotta nothing happened at the house today. (R expected that the painting would take a day longer than it did, so when the painters finished up yesterday, no one was scheduled for today.) However, we do have some progress to report.

We finalized our tile selections yesterday. This was the end of a loooong and sometimes tense process to explore options, get prices, and deal with the tile shop's illogical measurement and pricing policies (they charge the installed price on all of the tile, even though we had to order probably 15-20% more than would actually be installed). Still seems totally wrong to us, but the timeline sort of backed us into a corner. Plus, R swears by that shop's installer, and his work really is impeccable. Anyway, R gave us very reasonable allowances (Steve would say "realistic"; I would say "generous"), and we ended up coming in only $3 over on tile, despite adding a pricey layout option at the last minute (which I can't wait to show you). We're over on most of our allowance items, so being close is a huge success -- especially since we really feel like we found the right tile.

We also finalized some other choices, including ceiling fans. You probably wouldn't think of ceiling fans as fun, but the ones we chose really are! At this point, I've made the executive decision not to show pictures of any other components until they're installed, so as much as I'd like to give you a taste of what a fun ceiling fan looks like, you're going to have to wait (just a few weeks, I hope).

The last big thing that happened in the last few days is that R got us a supercool Austin Energy Green Building sign:

He may have been planning to take this sign with him to use on the next green house he builds, but his plans have been derailed by our plans to keep it. We are planning to hold an open house for our neighbors to show off the house and its green features, and we may apply to the Cool House Tour for green homes, so this sign could be handy in the future.

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