22 March 2010

These Are Not Our Colors

The painters primed the interior today (the second round of primer), and they used tinted primer so the paint won't need as many coats when it goes on in a few weeks. I guess I expected tinted primer to look more like our chosen colors...but no. The bluish-grey color in the mudroom and exercise room looks lavender:

And the greenish-beige color (Herbal Wash) in the master and great room looks like pistachio ice cream. (The bunny room and office are green, so they had the same primer -- and that's a lot of pistachio.)

We've been having some trouble getting the geothermal pipes buried far enough below the surface. Hopefully they'll come back and dig the trench a little deeper before they bury the pipes. In any event, here's the trench (coming straight out from the corner of the house).

The pile of debris on the right side of the picture above is the ground up drywall. This weekend we were planning to assemble our new utility cart (like a wheel barrow on steroids) and spread the drywall across the lot so it can start getting worked into the soil, but it was just too cold to get much done. We have clay soil, which is terrible for landscaping, so the drywall (gypsum) is supposed to help break up the clay and improve drainage.

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