30 March 2010

Red Devon

My botanical skills are so bad that I literally gasped -- out loud -- when I saw the first Red Devon at the back of our (new) yard today:

And that was a mere half hour after gasping out loud when I saw that these Princess Irene tulips had started to come up:

I was back there (where we had planted bulbs a couple of months ago, so it should have been no surprise that they were starting to grow) because our landlord just finished up a project at their old house next door to our temporary house, and I saved these medium brownish bricks from the landfill:

When I heard workers cleaning up the last of the debris, I made the snap decision that we could use the bricks (about 180 of them) to make raised beds in the backyard, so I asked if I could have them and then stacked them in my car and hauled them over to the new house.

As a side note, my car has been quite the workhorse through all of this. During the wiring extravaganza, we would routinely pack it with two ladders, a toolbox, several other cardboard boxes full of tools, spools of whatever wire we thought we might use that day, and bags containing extension cords and miscellaneous items. It's not a huge car, but it's really versatile, and I don't know what we would have done without it.

Will and his helper finished flooring the great room/kitchen today (they have also done the bunny room and two halls). Tomorrow will probably be the master, followed by the other bedrooms the rest of the week. Thursday the cabinets are arriving and installation will begin in the kitchen and great room.

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