04 March 2010

Now We're Talkin'

Today we finally passed the inspections that have been holding everything up, the insulation folks started their prep work, and the stone was dropped off for the sample the mason is going to do before we have to commit.

The actual insulation work will start tomorrow and hopefully finish up Saturday. As you know, we're using open cell spray foam (super energy-efficient) along the underside of the roof to keep the attic space cool. R prefers to use blown-in cellulose in the walls, which he says is nearly as good as foam but a lot less expensive, so we're going with that. See the eerie white sheeting on the walls and back porch doors?

In addition to the exterior walls, cellulose will serve as soundproofing in the interior walls between bedrooms and noisy rooms like bathrooms and the kitchen. That cheesecloth-like sheeting goes up on one side of the open walls to catch the cellulose that they will spray into those interior walls, plus to protect the windows and doors. Today they also sprayed foam from those little cans into all of the openings that could let air in from the outside, or from parts of the house outside the thermal envelope (like the garage or storage room).

There has been some confusion about which stone we selected a couple of months ago, so I was glad to see the sample stone and eager to set it up and see how it looks. It's the one! (Although apparently I'm a failure of a stone mason -- I forgot to put on the cap, the sawn pieces of stone you can see to the left of the wall.) Tomorrow or Saturday, the real mason should be putting up the real sample with our chosen mortar to confirm that we're set on that.

We signed off on a draw this week, so R is gearing up to order more materials, including the garage door, which will be the last big exterior feature. He also said the geothermal drilling is probably taking place on Saturday, which is nice because we were probably going to be there anyway (although we may not have as much to do if the insulation folks are still spraying insulation).

We also received a house-related package today. I ordered some light fixtures from the internet so I could get a feel for them, and the first ones arrived today. I knew I wanted to use two of these exterior fixtures on the back and side of the house, but I thought I might also want to put them in front of the garage. After seeing them, I definitely like them for the side and back, but they're not right for the front. So I'm going to Plan B and will try to track down a different fixture that, unfortunately, the manufacturer recently discontinued.

While I was at the house today, a neighbor we still hadn't met came by to drop off an invitation to a Neighborhood Watch meeting she is hosting later this month. I guess we'll be the only ones arriving by car....

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