12 March 2010


Yesterday the drywall workers arrived bright and early and began putting up corner bead on the outside corners of walls, such as this half wall at the kitchen. Maybe this vinyl corner bead has become standard, but I thought it was pretty fancy. It's bigger and more flexible than that awful metal corner bead that tends to chip and pull away from the corner.

They also dropped off a whole bunch of drywall compound...

...which they have been applying, waiting, and sanding, and then applying some more...

...and will hopefully come back tomorrow for some more (it takes lots of rounds to get everything smooth).

The tray ceiling in the master bedroom is shaping up nicely. (The hole in the ceiling closer to the corner is for the smoke alarm. We tried to get it moved out of the tray, but apparently the fire code requires it to be at the highest ceiling level...which makes sense, I guess.)

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