07 March 2010

Insu-Late Better than Insu-Never

The foam insulation went in on Friday.

And the cellulose insulation went into the walls yesterday.

We had heard that the foam is a messy undertaking, but it was nothing compared to the mess of the cellulose (which is referred to as "blown-in" but looked to us like it was shot-in). By the end of the day, though, the walls and floor were tidy again. The cellulose crew uses two hoses -- one to shoot the insulation in, and the other to suck up the excess so it can be reused (which is nice, especially considering that cellulose is mostly recycled newspaper anyway, so we were double recycling).

Various delays had put us about two weeks behind. The cellulose goes in wet so it adheres to the walls and to itself, so it needs an extra day or two to dry before the drywall can start. With the cellulose put in on Saturday and drying time on Sunday, yesterday's work gained us back two days. Drywall should be delivered tomorrow and start going up on Tuesday. (The geothermal drilling, also scheduled for yesterday, was pushed back due to delays at another job.)

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