13 March 2010

Inside and Outside

The drywallers were back at work today, which was great, but the day's big developments were what we saw outside.

We transplanted a redbud tree a couple of months ago when our landlord friends needed to take it out of their new yard. It ended up being a lot bigger than it had appeared, harder to dig up, and more perilous to drive (in his truck) from their place to our house. We were exhausted by the time we got there, and it was starting to rain. The hole we dug wasn't really big enough, and our arms got tired midway through covering it with dirt, so we didn't even cover all of the roots. In short, it was an extremely unprofessional tree transplanting job, and we were sure it wouldn't survive -- so we were shocked to see it sprouting lovely, tiny, pink buds today!

Now that the bunny room has taken shape, I decided to get down to bunny level to see what Millie and Dash's view is going to look like. It turns out their window perfectly frames the wonderful 50-year-old live oak tree across the street!

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